Eric Pinton
Published: March 24, 2021

In the age of Automated Vehicle hype, the ADAS market has been driving the volume fostered by the NCAP Assessment. ADAS feature takes rate are quite high for the premium brands but remain optional and has a still low rate for the entry segment or countries like China where car production is booming.

The upcoming registration such as GSR (Global Safety Regulations), will mandate the use of ADAS systems with new features such as driver motoring, and will further accelerate the market demand for such systems in the relatively short term.

In this context, OEMs, Tier 1 or software providers are looking for solutions for fast prototyping leveraging SoC capabilities to enable a fast time to market and address this new market trend.

R-Car V3H, V3M was developed addressing the major Tier 1 and OEMs having very close cooperation to have solution matching perfectly the automotive use case, its harsh environment, demanding standards like Functional Safety while keeping innovation like deep learning requirement at low power.

Both products are now available in mass production at major OEMs all over the globe. Renesas is now aiming to share our established assets more widely and to support customers who are not well-established, for growing companies in emerging markets, for advanced engineering groups at car companies, for software companies, and for research institutions, all of this without disturbing the existing B2B support.

The answer is a convenient online portal that satisfies regional and global legal requirements, including legal checks, nondisclosure agreements (NDAs), and software evaluation license agreements.

After a deep look at the current state of things and the direction of the market, in terms of digital technical support, and based on what was already established for MCUs, (Customer Value of Automotive Business (Series 19): Renesas Launch of “Easy to Start” Online Portal (ETS)),  we have decided to improve and adapt the system through creation of the Easy To Start (ETS) Digital Platform concept for ADAS:

Easy to Access: By providing a single web page interface for each product, where every new customer can find any information he needs to understand the device and start a first device evaluation or prototype. 


Easy to Start: By providing reference designs, mainly from our partners, which are turnkey solutions for dedicated ADAS applications such as surround view, smart cameras, and more; this solution included hardware in A or even B Samples, ASIL ready, and included application software while enabling customization at the customers.


Easy to Learn: By providing a web forum, support is available in order to assist newcomers with board bring-ups, PCB design, and Linux installation, the forum is planned to be extended to also support functional safety and computer vision/deep learning questions.


The detailed functionality and content of the ETS portal which are available now include:

  • Hardware user’s manual
  • Electrical characteristic
  • Application notes
  • SoC design guides and models
  • BSDL and  IBIS model
  • PCB design guide
  • Power calculation sheet and thermal simulation
  • Full set of software and development tools under evaluation licenses
  • BSP and software libraries
  • Autosar MCAL
  • Software development environment and tools
  • Deep learning and computer vision tools and libraries 
  • Open web support forum for non-NDA subjects
  • Link to third-party software vendors including application software, operating system, etc.
  • Link to Renesas and third-party hardware tools or reference designs

The R-Car V3H and V3M are the first products to benefit from this new concept and further features such as online training, web forum support for topics under NDA, etc. are to come. The implementation of further new products is in the planning stage.

The new V3H/V3M ETS online website can be accessed from the below link (Japanese and Chinese versions are also available).

V3H: R-Car-V3H - System-on-Chip (SoC) Designed for Intelligent Camera with Deep Learning Capabilities
V3M: R-Car-V3M - System-on-Chip (SoC) Designed for Cost-efficient Smart Camera Applications with ASIL & Deep Learning Capabilities

Please visit our new ETS portal and do not hesitate to contact us!

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