Masato Muragishi
Masato Muragishi
Senior Staff Engineer
Published: July 31, 2020

Hello everyone. My name is Muragishi of Renesas Electronics. I am in charge of power device products and provide technical support for our customers. Renesas will keep introducing power device products several times on our blog.

This time is about the product that I am in charge of which is automotive MOSFETs.

Electrified vehicles (HEVs/EVs) continue to spread and expand while diversifying practical vehicles, SUVs and, sports cars aiming to "respond to the environment and energy conservation" and "improve safety and convenience” as environmental regulations and energy policies for fuel economy and exhaust gas are progressing around the world.

With the spread of these next-generation vehicles, demand for high-performance, high-efficiency, and high-functionality power devices is increasing. In order to meet these needs, we have provided products that achieve high quality and reliability to the market with application-oriented design, development, and process management.

We are still developing new processes and products in order to bring more "high performance, reliability, and high functionality" products to the market, so this time I am going to introduce our development latest situation.

Target Application


Renesas is currently focusing on the development of new process products featuring low on-resistance and low capacitance.

In particular, we are focusing on the development of 100A to 300A class products targeted for applications such as ISG that requires a large current among the 48V systems installed in electric vehicles (HEVs).

Process Roadmap


The "ANM2" is released at the 100V rating, and we are considering the development of "ANM2,80V" in order to reduce the on-resistance further.

100V Process


The products of the ANM2 process with the latest super junction structure, which is a 100V process, achieve a 64% reduction in on-resistance compared to our trench gate type MOSFET (3rd generation), and a 40% reduction in on-resistance compared to products in the ANM1 process of the super junction structure.

Renesas is also considering the development of the next-generation process (ANM3) with the goal of reducing on-resistance significantly.

Through these latest processes, we will further reduce the on-resistance, develop products for motor drive inverters such as starter generators, idling stop systems, and electric turbos, and propose products that can contribute to the miniaturization and high efficiency of units.

New Products, 100V Development Products

Renesas is planning to release the "RBA250N10" of the ANM2 process. 
This product was developed assuming that it will be used in applications such as a motor drive inverter circuit where there is a large load and you want to suppress losses. As the result, "RBA250N10" achieves a 250A rating and low on-resistance typ.1.9mΩ, which is the largest to-class TO-263 package.

Samples are available, so please consider it!


We will continue to release products that can be used optimally in line with the customer development needs, so please look forward to Renesas Automotive MOSFETs.

For a detailed product line-up, visit our Automotive Power MOSFETs product page.

Next time, we will introduce our IGBTs for automotive. Please look forward to it.

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