Kaushal Vora
Kaushal Vora
Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships & Global Ecosystem
Published: November 7, 2022

What we really mean is from R“A” to R“Z”. Back in 2019 it all started with the Renesas RA family of microcontrollers (MCUs) ecosystem partners and the program expanded last year across all Renesas MCUs. Today we are expanding the Renesas Ready Partner Network to include commercial-grade, performance-optimized building blocks for the Renesas RZ family of microprocessors (MPUs). A rich ecosystem of 106 partners offering 160 building block solutions carrying the “RZ Ready” badge to indicate these solutions work out-of-box with the RZ MPU family.

Renesas Ready Partner Network Ecosystem - RA, RX, RL78, RZ

With ever increasing software complexity, engineering teams are constantly faced with build vs. buy decisions. Now, having an option to tap into a carefully curated network of more than 300 software building blocks makes this decision a lot easier. Whether you are looking to add voice capability to your next IoT product, need a sophisticated graphics package to take user interface to the next level, or looking to apply machine learning to a specific design problem, having pre-developed commercial-grade building blocks you can leverage will significantly help reduce design complexity and speed up time to revenue.

The Renesas Ready Partner Network web site provides easy access to all four ecosystem programs where immersive technical content on a variety of building block solutions is available. Every solution includes a Solution Brief outlining the benefits of the partner product combined with a Renesas product. You can also access numerous videos, webinars, and technical documentation. In the tables below you’ll see a summary of all the building block solutions announced for MCUs and MPUs. For a full listing of partners and solutions for the respective ecosystem programs you can also visit the RA Ready, RX Ready, RL78 Ready and RZ Ready web sites.

Renesas also offers a complementary hardware-centric partner program the Renesas Preferred Partner Program which brings together a community of System & Solutions partners who specialize in working with Renesas products in a variety of domains. The Renesas Preferred Partner Program in combination with the newly launched Renesas Ready Partner Network provides you with a complete hardware-software ecosystem to accelerate your next IoT design.

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Renesas Ready Partner Network Overview

An overview of the Renesas Ready Partner Network offering a robust software ecosystem of building-blocks that address real-world design challenges to help get your applications IoT-ready in no time. This extensive, carefully curated network of trusted technology partners delivers commercial-grade building blocks that work out-of-the-box with Renesas RA, RX and RL78 MCUs and RZ MPUs. Visit for more information.