This is a reference design for battery-powered applications that require a charging system with a mechanism to display the battery life. The E-paper display provides a low-power option for a life indicator that the user can access at any time.

System Benefits:

  • The fuel gauge IC (FGIC) with integrated RL78 microcontroller (MCU) provides a full battery management system.
  • Wireless power system to provide easy power charging with a USB-C additional power input.




  • Wireless charging platforms
  • Battery management systems

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4:3 ratio Sheet.1 Sheet.2 Sheet.3 Sheet.4 US154 US154 US154 Inductor Coreless (Air conductor) Sheet.28 Sheet.29 Sheet.30 Sheet.31 Sheet.32 Sheet.33 Sheet.34 Sheet.35 Sheet.36 Inductor Iron Core Line.841 Inductor Air Core.212 Sheet.40 Sheet.41 Sheet.42 Sheet.43 Sheet.44 Sheet.45 Sheet.46 Sheet.47 Sheet.48 Relay Sheet.51 Sheet.52 Sheet.53 USB-C USB-C USB-C USB-C Sheet.56 Sheet.57 Sheet.58 Sheet.59 Sheet.60 Sheet.61 Sheet.62 Sheet.63 Sheet.64 Sheet.65 Sheet.66 Sheet.67 Sheet.68 Capacitor Non-polarized Sheet.152 Sheet.153 Sheet.154 Sheet.155 Capacitor Non-polarized .156 Sheet.157 Sheet.158 Sheet.159 Sheet.160 Capacitor Non-polarized .161 Sheet.162 Sheet.163 Sheet.164 Sheet.165 Battery 3-Cell Sheet.167 Sheet.168 Sheet.169 Sheet.170 Line 1pt.1552 Line 1pt.1608 Sheet.173 Sheet.174 Ground (earth) Sheet.176 Sheet.177 Sheet.178 Sheet.179 Resistor - Fixed Ground (earth).181 Sheet.182 Sheet.183 Sheet.184 Sheet.185 Sheet.186 Sheet.187 Diode.316 Sheet.189 Sheet.190 Sheet.191 Sheet.192 Sheet.193 Diode.316 Sheet.195 Sheet.196 Sheet.197 E-Paper Display E-Paper Display E-Paper Display Sheet.339 Sheet.340 Sheet.341 Sheet.342 Sheet.343 Sheet.345 Sheet.346 Sheet.347 Sheet.348 Sheet.349 Sheet.350 Sheet.352 Sheet.353 Sheet.371 Sheet.372 Sheet.374 Sheet.375 Sheet.376 Sheet.377 Sheet.378 Sheet.379 Sheet.380 Sheet.381 Sheet.383 Sheet.384 Sheet.278 Sheet.279 Sheet.280 Sheet.281 Sheet.283 Sheet.284 Sheet.285 Line.34 Left arrow.36 Line.37 Sheet.291 Connector 1.39 Connector 1.41 Sheet.312 Line.385 Sheet.389 Sheet.390 Sheet.391 Sheet.392 Sheet.393 Sheet.394 Sheet.395 Line.396 Left arrow.397 Line.398 Sheet.399 Connector 1.400 Connector 1.401 Sheet.402 Line.403 Sheet.404 Sheet.405 Sheet.406 Sheet.407 Connector 1.165 Sheet.409 Sheet.410 Sheet.411 Sheet.412 Sheet.413 Sheet.414 Sheet.415 Sheet.417 Sheet.418 Sheet.419 Sheet.420 Sheet.421 Sheet.422 Sheet.423 Sheet.424 Sheet.425 Sheet.426 Sheet.427 Sheet.429 Sheet.430 Sheet.432 Sheet.433 Sheet.435 Sheet.436 Sheet.437 Sheet.438 Sheet.439 Sheet.440 Sheet.441 Sheet.442 Sheet.444 Sheet.445 Connector 1.165.452 Sheet.453 Sheet.454 Sheet.455 4-20V 4-20V 4-20V Sheet.457 Sheet.458 Sheet.461 Sheet.462 Sheet.463 Connector 1.165.466 Connector 1.165.467 Connector 1.165.468 Travel Adapter Travel Adapter Travel Adapter Vsys Vsys Vsys 12.6V 12.6V 12.6V 2-4 Cells 2-4 Cells 2-4 Cells Sheet.473 Sheet.474 Sheet.475 Sheet.476 Sheet.477 Sheet.478 Sheet.479 Sheet.480 Sheet.481 Sheet.482 3.3V (30mAmax) 3.3V (30mAmax) 3.3V (30mAmax) Connector 1.165.489 Sheet.490 Sheet.491 System Load System Load System Load Wireless Power Transmitter Wireless Power Transmitter Wireless Power Transmitter Sheet.501 Sheet.502 Sheet.505 Sheet.507 Connector 1.508 2 2 2 2 Sheet.511 Sheet.512 Sheet.513 Sheet.514 Sheet.515 Sheet.516 Wireless Power Receiver Wireless Power Receiver Wireless Power Receiver Wireless Power Receiver VOUT VOUT VOUT I2C I2C I2C NVDC NVDC Charger NVDC Charger NVDC Charger I2C I2C I2C Li-Ion Battery Manager Li-Ion Battery Manager Li-Ion Battery Manager Li-Ion Battery Manager FET Driver FET Driver FET Driver GPIO GPIO GPIO I2C I2C I2C SPI SPI SPI LDO LDO LDO
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