This is a simplified 3-phase motor control system using our cost-optimized RISC-V 32MHz 32-bit innovative CPU core ASSP, with rich analog IP and 125 °C temperature support. The ASSP comes as a pre-programmed motor control solution, allowing users to store specific motor characteristics in the device data flash using our provided GUI interface. Additional input channels are available to add signals from a motor position encoder, Hall sensors or from the Renesas IPS2200 inductive position sensor (using absolute SIN/COS signals). Furthermore, a PMOD interface with I2C and serial port allows for the connection of external environment sensors or wireless connectivity.

System Benefits​:

  • The solution allows for a minimalistic motor control approach, not requiring any user code programming
  • Wide range of motor sizes, 12V up to 100V depending on the connected half-bridge drivers and MOSFETs
  • Pre-programmed reference hardware is available




  • General purpose 3-phase motors, power tools, fan motors, compressors, pumps, and home appliances like air conditioners/refrigerators