Need for portable air conditioners has been growing for use in residential, RVs or mobile housing. This triac-based motor controller solution is a robust, compact air conditioning system that works well for small scale applications including vehicle systems. This system is based on triacs to simplify the design as compared to inverter-based designs.

System Benefits​:





  • AC powered motor control
  • Portable air conditioners
  • Recreational vehicle air conditioners
Triac-Based Motor Control for Portable or Recreational Vehicle Air Conditioner Control Solution

An overview of the triac-based motor control winning combination, perfect for RV air conditioners, portable or window air conditioners, or small appliances such as fans, heaters, etc. The advantage of this architecture is that it is much simpler than an inverter-based motor control design. For more information, visit the Triac-Based Motor Controller winning combination page.