Renesas' Ultra-Small Fingerprint Sensor compact design is meant for a USB dongle fingerprint authentication module. This is made possible via the high performance and security features of the RA6M4 microcontroller (MCU) which is provided in a very small package. Additionally, using modern USB-C in a cost-effective configuration with USB 2.0 data bandwidth/power supply range allows us to squeeze the fingerprint sensor application down to a 12mm x 12mm footprint (plus 8mm x 8mm for the USB-C connector itself).

System Benefits​:

  • 100% coverage of electronics by the Renesas products portfolio, except the fingerprint sensor itself.
  • Arm® Cortex®-M33 MCU with TrustZone®, secure crypto engine and full software package for easy implementation of secure applications.
  • Optional expansion allows for authentication in an industrial automation host using a galvanically isolated RS-485 bus connection.




  • USB dongle for security/industrial automation fingerprint authentication

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Template 1 Sheet.76 Sheet.77 EU117 EU117 EU117 Connector Arrow Bi-directional Ultra-low Iq Buck Regulator Ultra-low Iq Buck Regulator Ultra-low Iq Buck Regulator OV Protection OV Protection OV Protection Connector Arrow.71 Fingerprint Sensor Fingerprint Sensor Fingerprint Sensor Connector Line Vertical Wire Bundle Label Text 10pt.1046 2 2 Sheet.82 Connector 1.160 Connector 1.160.84 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V 115mAmax 115mAmax 115mAmax Connector Arrow.87 Connector 1.88 5mA typ 5mA typ 5mA typ Connector Arrow.90 Vertical Wire Bundle.91 Label Text 10pt.1046 4 4 Sheet.93 Connector Line.94 19mAmax 19mAmax 19mAmax Vertical Wire Bundle.97 Label Text 10pt.1046 2 2 Sheet.99 USB-C Label Text 10pt.768 USB-C USB-C Sheet.102 Sheet.103 Sheet.104 Sheet.105 Sheet.106 Sheet.107 Sheet.108 Sheet.109 Sheet.110 Sheet.111 Sheet.112 Sheet.113 Sheet.114 Connector Line.115 Connector Line.116 Connector Line.117 Connector Line.118 Connector Line.122 Connector Line.123 Connector Line.124 CC1 CC1 CC1 CC2 CC2 CC2 Connector Line.128 Connector Line.129 Connector Line.130 5V 5V 5V Sheet.132 EP Multi-function block MCU MCU Vdd Vdd Vdd D+ D+ D+ D- D- D- SPI SPI SPI Sheet.134 Sheet.135 Sheet.136 Sheet.138 Sheet.139 Sheet.140
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