The Peltier cooler is a device for heating and cooling that utilizes a phenomenon called the Peltier effect where heat is transferred by the flow of current between two different metals. The Peltier cooler has features such as easy switching between heating and cooling depending on the direction of current, no mechanical drive, no vibration or noise, high-precision and quick-response temperature control. The Peltier cooler is used in various fields such as food, chemistry, optics, and medical use.

The built-in high-precision 24-bit delta-sigma ADC in the RX23E-A 32-bit MCU is capable of accurately measuring and controlling temperature with a single chip.

System Benefits​:

  • Combining an MCU and high-precision analog front end (AFE) on a single chip makes an external dedicated AFE unnecessary, thereby reducing BOM cost and board mounting area.
  • Highly precise temperature measurement using a high-precision AFE enables very accurate control.
  • The RX v2 core speeds up filter operation and PID control operation using an FPU.
  • Complementary PWM output enables high power-efficient control using an H-bridge driver.
  • The system supports various interfaces such as CAN, RS-485 and I2C, enabling connections to most industrial networks.




  • Peltier cooler/controller
  • Thermoelectric cooler/controller (TEC)