Due to the progression of global warming, work environments in construction sites and similar locations are becoming more challenging. To address this issue, air-conditioned work clothes with built-in fans have been introduced to improve conditions for workers. This design utilizes a Peltier module for accurate temperature adjustment. Its simple configuration allows for precise temperature control. Leveraging the distinctive properties of the Peltier module, this design can be applied for heating and cooling work attire during both the summer and winter seasons.

System Benefits:

  • Precise signal detection and computation are possible with the MCU and its analog front end (AFE).
  • The built-in AFE and one-package drive circuit allow for a reduction in the number of parts and a smaller board.
  • The design of a drive circuit with a high degree of freedom is made possible by configuring the drive circuit with a programmable HVPAK.




  • Air-conditioned work clothes
  • Cooling vest
  • Mobile cooler

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16:9 Sheet.387 Resistor.66 Chassis Ground Sheet.384 Sheet.385 Connector Line.386 Connector Line.378 Connector Line.380 JP245 JP245 JP245 Connector Arrow Temperature Temperature Temperature Connector Line Temperature Signal (Voltage) Temperature Signal (Voltage) Temperature Signal (Voltage) Connector Arrow.335 Connector Line.336 Connector 2 Connector Arrow.351 Connector Arrow.352 Connector 1 Connector Arrow.354 USB Mobile Battery USB Mobile Battery USB Mobile Battery 5V 5V 5V Connector Arrow.364 Connector Arrow.366 12V 12V 12V Temperature Sensor (Thermocouple, RTD etc.,) Temperature Sensor (Thermocouple, RTD etc.,) Temperature Sensor(Thermocouple, RTD etc.,) Boost Converter Boost Converter Boost Converter Connector Arrow.393 Connector Line.394 Connector Arrow.395 MCU MCU MCU MCU PWM PWM PWM I2C I2C I2C ∆Σ ADC ∆Σ ADC ∆ΣADC Sheet.402 Sheet.403 Sheet.404 Sheet.405 Sheet.406 Sheet.407 Sheet.408 Sheet.409 Sheet.410 Sheet.411 Sheet.412 Sheet.413 Sheet.414 Sheet.415 Sheet.416 Sheet.417 Sheet.418 Sheet.419 Sheet.420 Sheet.421 Sheet.422 Sheet.423 Sheet.424 Sheet.425 Sheet.426 Sheet.427 Sheet.428 Sheet.429 Sheet.430 Sheet.431 Sheet.432 Sheet.433 Sheet.434 Sheet.435 Sheet.436 Sheet.437 Sheet.438 Sheet.439 Sheet.440 Sheet.441 Sheet.442 Sheet.443 Sheet.444 Sheet.445 Sheet.446 Sheet.447 Sheet.448 Sheet.449 Sheet.450 Sheet.451 Sheet.452 Sheet.453 Sheet.454 Sheet.455 Sheet.456 Sheet.457 Connector Arrow.142 Heat Sink Heat Sink Heat Sink Hot Hot Cold Cold Peltier module Peltier Module Peltier Module Cold Side Cold Side Cold Side Hot Side Hot Side Hot Side Connector Arrow.168 Connector Arrow.171 HVPAK HVPAK HVPAK HVPAK Controller & Gate Driver Controller & Gate Driver Controller & Gate Driver I2C- I2C I2C Current Sense Current Sense Current Sense MOSFET MOSFET MOSFET
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