USB PD (Power Delivery) consumer platform can charge batteries via a USB Type-C® port at up to 100W and supports 2 to 4-cell batteries up to 12A. It can also draw power from batteries and easily set typical battery specifications (number of cells, charging current limit). It also supports discharge of up to 60W USB Type-C® output from the battery. This is a complete and highly efficient yet simple USB PD platform.

System Benefits:

  • Simple design and higher power efficiency with the high-performance controller and power devices
  • Reference design for easier development
  • Meets marketing requirements of USB Type-C® and USB PD applications




  • Charging port for portable devices using a battery
  • Mobile battery applications

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4:3 ratio Sheet.1 Sheet.2 Sheet.3 Sheet.4 WS001 WS001 WS001 USB-C USB-C USB-C USB-C Sheet.9 Sheet.10 Sheet.11 Sheet.12 Sheet.13 Sheet.14 Sheet.15 Sheet.16 Sheet.17 Sheet.18 Sheet.19 Sheet.20 Sheet.21 LDO LDO LDO Buck-Boost Charger Buck-Boost Charger Buck-Boost Charger Input N-Channel MOSFET Sheet.30 Sheet.31 Sheet.32 Sheet.33 Sheet.34 Sheet.35 Sheet.36 Sheet.37 Sheet.38 Sheet.39 Sheet.40 Sheet.41 Sheet.42 Sheet.43 Connect.50 Sheet.45 Sheet.46 Sheet.47 N-Channel MOSFET.48 Sheet.49 Sheet.50 Sheet.51 Sheet.52 Sheet.53 Sheet.54 Sheet.55 Sheet.56 Sheet.57 Sheet.58 Sheet.59 Sheet.60 Sheet.61 Sheet.62 Connect.50 Sheet.64 Sheet.65 Sheet.66 N-Channel MOSFET.67 Sheet.68 Sheet.69 Sheet.70 Sheet.71 Sheet.72 Sheet.73 Sheet.74 Sheet.75 Sheet.76 Sheet.77 Sheet.78 Sheet.79 Sheet.80 Sheet.81 Connect.50 Sheet.83 Sheet.84 Sheet.85 N-Channel MOSFET.86 Sheet.87 Sheet.88 Sheet.89 Sheet.90 Sheet.91 Sheet.92 Sheet.93 Sheet.94 Sheet.95 Sheet.96 Sheet.97 Sheet.98 Sheet.99 Sheet.100 Connect.50 Sheet.102 Sheet.103 Sheet.104 Chassis Ground Sheet.106 Sheet.107 Chassis Ground.108 Sheet.109 Sheet.110 Chassis Ground.111 Sheet.112 Sheet.113 Resistor Rheostat Sheet.115 Resistor - Fixed.128 Resistor Rheostat.117 Sheet.118 Resistor - Fixed.128 Resistor - Fixed Resistor - Fixed.121 Diode Sheet.123 Sheet.124 Diode.126 Sheet.127 Sheet.128 Sheet.129 Battery Li-ion Sheet.131 Sheet.132 Label Text 10pt.70 LI-ION LI-ION Battery Li-ion.134 Sheet.135 Sheet.136 Label Text 10pt.70 LI-ION LI-ION Chassis Ground.139 Sheet.140 Sheet.141 N-Channel MOSFET.142 Sheet.143 Sheet.144 Sheet.145 Sheet.146 Sheet.147 Sheet.148 Sheet.149 Sheet.150 Sheet.151 Sheet.152 Sheet.153 Sheet.154 Sheet.155 Sheet.156 Connect.50 Sheet.158 Sheet.159 Sheet.160 N-Channel MOSFET.161 Sheet.162 Sheet.163 Sheet.164 Sheet.165 Sheet.166 Sheet.167 Sheet.168 Sheet.169 Sheet.170 Sheet.171 Sheet.172 Sheet.173 Sheet.174 Sheet.175 Connect.50 Sheet.177 Sheet.178 Sheet.179 N-Channel MOSFET.180 Sheet.181 Sheet.182 Sheet.183 Sheet.184 Sheet.185 Sheet.186 Sheet.187 Sheet.188 Sheet.189 Sheet.190 Sheet.191 Sheet.192 Sheet.193 Sheet.194 Connect.50 Sheet.196 Sheet.197 Sheet.198 N-Channel MOSFET.199 Sheet.200 Sheet.201 Sheet.202 Sheet.203 Sheet.204 Sheet.205 Sheet.206 Sheet.207 Sheet.208 Sheet.209 Sheet.210 Sheet.211 Sheet.212 Sheet.213 Connect.50 Sheet.215 Sheet.216 Sheet.217 H Bridge H Bridge H Bridge Chassis Ground.219 Sheet.220 Sheet.221 Sheet.222 Sheet.223 Sheet.224 Sheet.225 Sheet.226 Sheet.227 Sheet.228 Sheet.229 Sheet.230 Sheet.233 Sheet.234 Sheet.235 Sheet.237 Sheet.238 Sheet.239 Sheet.240 Sheet.241 Sheet.242 Sheet.243 Sheet.244 Sheet.245 Sheet.246 Sheet.248 Sheet.249 Sheet.250 Sheet.251 Sheet.254 Sheet.255 Sheet.256 Sheet.257 Sheet.258 Sheet.259 Sheet.260 Transformer Inductor Coreless (Air conductor) Sheet.262 Sheet.263 Sheet.264 Sheet.265 Sheet.266 Sheet.267 Sheet.268 Sheet.269 Sheet.270 Sheet.271 Sheet.272 5-20V/5A VBUS 5-20V/5A VBUS 5-20V/5A VBUS Charging Current Limit Setting Charging Current Limit Setting Charging Current Limit Setting Discharge Discharge Discharge 3.3V 3.3V 3.3V DC Out DC Out DC Out Cells in Series Setting Cells in Series Setting Cells in Series Setting CC CC CC Connector 1.163 Connector 1.163.281 Connector 1.163.282 Connector 1.163.283 Connector 1.163.286 Sheet.288 Connector 1.163.289 Connector 1.163.290 Connector 1.163.291 Connector 1.163.292 Li-Ion battery 2 to 4 Cells Charging current limit: 12A Li-Ion battery 2 to 4 Cells Charging current limit: 12A Li-Ion battery 2 to 4 CellsCharging current limit: 12A Sheet.294 Connector 1.163.295 Connector 1.163.296 Sheet.297 USB PD Controller USB PD Controller USB PD Controller ADC ADC ADC I2C I2C I2C
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