A USB power delivery (USB-PD) adapter provides an input voltage range of 5V to 20V. The board is designed to support applications beyond 20V (e.g., a portable printer motor that is 24V and 32V). The buck-boost converter included in this design will work as a turbo boost USB-PD to deliver the desired higher voltage. Renesas’ USB power delivery controller (R9A02G011) is based on the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Power Delivery Specification Revision 3.0 and USB Type-C™ Cable and Connecter Specification Revision 1.3. ​

System Benefits  ​

  • The ISL81401 is a 4-switch synchronous buck-boost controller with peak and average current sensing and monitoring at both ends. It provides the turbo boost function to increase the USB-PD voltage. In this design, it reaches as high as 32V, which can deliver up to 45W of maximum power. ​
  • The ISL9238C is a buck-boost narrow output voltage DC (NVDC) charger. It charges 2 to 4-cell Li-ion batteries and supports kick-start applications where inrush current becomes critical during power up. The supplementary battery can help avoid system collapse due to inadequate power from the USB-PD.