Fixed form factor switches, often referred to as "pizza boxes" or "stackables", offer some compelling advantages over their chassis-based counterparts which have not been evolving at the same pace. A stackable solution offers true pay-as-you-grow economics not just in terms of acquisition costs but also ongoing support and power consumption resulting in a significantly lower total cost of ownership. Our solution consists of an RC32614 system synchronizer, RC32012A high-performance jitter attenuator, 8T39S11A high-performance fanout buffer and an ultra-low noise LDO. It is an optimized design for high timing precision, integration and flexibility that enables developers of networks and systems to achieve the 56G PAM4 requirements of 400GbE and beyond.

System Benefits​:

  • Highly integrated timing source eliminates the need for additional clock devices
  • <100fs RMS outputs for support of 56Gbps SerDes interconnect clocks
  • Support for synchronized Ethernet (Sync-E), JESD204B/C and IEEE 1588 G.8262.1 and G.8262 telecom boundary clock requirements and G.8273.2 Class C/D time accuracy




  • Reference clock for 56Gbps and 112Gbps PHYs
  • 200G/400G/800G switch network equipment