April 30, 2015

TOKYO, Japan, April 30, 2015 — Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, and its wholly owned subsidiary Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. today announced their decision to transfer the semiconductor manufacturing equipment of the 8-inch front-end wafer fabrication line at Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing’s Shiga Factory to ROHM Co., Ltd., and to lease to ROHM the land and buildings associated with the wafer fabrication line.

As announced in the press release, “Renesas Electronics Shows Direction of Renesas Group,” dated August 2, 2013, Renesas Electronics is proceeding with the realignment of the manufacturing facilities of its group companies in Japan in order to strengthen its financial base. As part of this process, plans called for the 8-inch wafer fabrication line at Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing’s Shiga Factory to be consolidated within two to three years. Renesas had been looking for a purchaser for the production line once the consolidation was completed, and now an agreement has been reached with ROHM, which is in the process of bolstering its production system for products such as power semiconductors and piezoelectric MEMS devices, with the transfer scheduled to be completed in February 2016.

Outlines of the Shiga Factory and the 8-inch wafer fabrication line to be transferred:

1. Outline of Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing’s Shiga Factory

Name Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shiga Factory
Address 2-9-1 Seiran, Otsu, Shiga Prefecture

2. Outline of 8-inch wafer fabrication line

Manufacturing equipment 0.15 µm, 8-inch wafer process
Land Area approx. 41,255 m²
Building Area approx. 15,886 m²
Employees Approx. 220
Products manufactured Microcontrollers, analog and power devices

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