32 New Products Include Compact Packages and On-Resistance Among the Lowest in the Industry

January 14, 2011

TOKYO, January 14, 2011 — Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, introduced today 32 new N-channel power metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) with voltage tolerances of 40 and 55 volts (V). The new power MOSFETs include the NP75N04YUK device featuring a compact HSON package with one-half the mounting area of the existing TO-252 package and the capability to handle current flows up to 75 amperes (A).

All of the 32 new power MOSFETs employ Renesas Electronics' newly developed ANL2 fabrication process that minimizes on-resistance and provides improved high-speed switching performance. Compared to the conventional UMOS4 process, the ANL2 process provides approximately 40 percent improvements on the Figure of Merit (FOM) Performance index equivalent to the device on-resistance multiplied by the gate charge. The new NP75N04YUK device combines the advanced ANL2 technology with the compact HSON-8 package that is approximately one-half the size of the existing TO-252 package. These advancements enable the NP75N04YUK device to drive up to 75A and to achieve an on-resistance of 3.3 milliohms (mΩ), among the lowest in the industry for an automotive device of this size.

Using the new power MOSFETs, customers will be able to build automotive control units that are more compact and higher in performance.

Key features of the new power MOSFETs:

(1) 40 percent improvement on the FOM Performance index equivalent to the device on-resistance multiplied by the gate charge

The newly developed ANL2 fabrication process is optimized to provide an excellent balance between on-resistance and low gate charge. The on-resistance and gate charge are indirectly related to each other, and the product obtained by multiplying the two values is used as an index of process performance. In the new power MOSFETs this FOM index value is approximately 40 percent lower than that of the company's existing products developed using the UMOS4 products.

(2) Compact HSON package, approximately one-half the size of the existing TO-252 package.

In addition to the newly developed ANL2 process, four of the new power MOSFETs feature the HSON package (external dimensions: 6 × 5.15 millimeters (mm)), which is about one-half the size of existing TO-252 packaged products while providing excellent heat dispersion characteristics. These advances enable the NP75N04YUK device, a power MOSFET with a voltage tolerance of 40V, to achieve an on-resistance that is among the lowest in the industry in an automotive-qualified device of this size.

(3) Broad lineup of products for a variety of different requirements

The lineup ranges from products rated to handle 180A, ideal for large-current applications such as electric power steering, to products in the 35A class, suitable for driving compact solenoids, and includes packages for a variety of mounting configurations (SMD, TO-263 7-pin, TO-263, TO-252, HSON, THD, TO-220 and TO-262). In addition, voltage tolerance ratings of 40 and 55V are available to accommodate a wide range of customer requirements.

Renesas Electronics considers these new products to be ideal for configuring compact and high-performance control systems for automotive applications. The company plans to further expand and enhance its lineup of power MOSFETs.

More information can be found on the separate sheet for the main specifications of the new products.

Pricing and Availability

Samples of Renesas Electronics' new power MOSFETs will be available starting in January 2011. Samples of the NP75N04YUK device are available now, priced at US$1.3 each in quantities of 1,000 pieces. Mass production is scheduled to begin in April 2011 and is expected to reach a combined volume of 2,000,000 units per month in 2012 for 14 of the new products equipped in an HSON package.

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