Contribute to Reduced Development Time for Lighting and Seat Heater Control Units and Simplify Development by Platform Concept

April 5, 2012

TOKYO, Japan, April 5, 2012 — Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), a premier provider of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced 14 new intelligent power devices (IPDs), including the µPD166023, designed for automotive applications driving exterior lamps such as headlamps and fog lamps as well as seat heaters and motors.

An IPD is a power IC device that incorporates in a single package, or on a single chip, a power semiconductor switch (power MOSFETs) and its control circuit featuring interface to microcontroller (MCU) as well as protection functions and self-diagnostic. Renesas has been mass producing IPDs for automotive body applications for many years. The new IPD products expand this existing lineup and increase performance level to address strong market demand.

Nowadays the use of semiconductor switches is more widespread than ever, and the load requirements and applications for them have grown to include a large number of automotive drive applications, including external lamps such as headlamps, fog lamps, flashers (turn signals), and brake lights, as well as heaters and motors of various types. In response, Renesas is releasing an extensive lineup of 14 new IPD products with pin compatibility among products using the same package configuration.

The new products are designed to detect and deal with error states instantly in order to provide a high level of durability. For example, exterior vehicle lamp applications require longer wire harnesses to connect the control unit to the lamps leading to a high possibility of undesirable events, such as shorted loads. These undesirable events may not be noticed by car drivers and result in severe stress conditions for the switch, the enhanced protection features expand device durability The new products are also designed with self diagnostic features to detect and deal with error states instantly in order to provide a high level of durability and ensure functional safety at system level.

Key features of the new IPDs:

(1)Broad product lineup that contributes to shorter development time

The product lineup includes versions with on-resistance specification of 6 mΩ, 8 mΩ, 10 mΩ, 12 mΩ, 16 mΩ, 25 mΩ, 30 mΩ, 50 mΩ, and 90 mΩ. The wide range of on-resistance enables customers to select the product that best matches the required load and application characteristics.

The 6 mΩ, 8 mΩ, 10 mΩ, and 12 mΩ products are available in a new 7-pin, TO252 package. This configuration allows direct control of the IPD from the MCU of the control unit, decreasing the cost through fewer external while increasing overall system reliability.

(2) Function and pin compatibility among products with the same package

Products with the same package are functionally equivalent and pin compatible. Such compatibility across a product lineup spanning such a broad range of on-resistance ratings provides considerable advantage in terms of convenience and flexibility. An IPD can easily be replaced with another of a different on-resistance rating in the same package, either in the development stage or when making minor changes to a unit already in mass production, without a PCB change. Four products are available with a 7-pin TO252 package, six products with a 12-pin high-heat-dispersion HSSOP package, and four products with a 24-pin high-heat-dispersion HSSOP package.

In addition, the new products use the same signal lines to notify the control unit MCU when an error condition occurs. When changing to a device with a different on-resistance, for example, the necessary changes to the software or to the printed wiring board are minimized. Thus, the time required for control unit development is shortened and it is easier to extend the product lineup with new models.

(3) Enhanced protection features for improved load short durability

The new IPD products deliver excellent short durability. A new power limitation protection feature has been added to enable faster detection of an overheating condition. These types of malfunctions would previously not have been detected as quickly. The result is an even higher short circuit durability.

Renesas plans to increase the number of devices available response to market demand, eventually offering a lineup of 20 products. With today's increasing focus on environmental protection and safety, Renesas continues to develop new IPD products designed to contribute to lighter, more power-efficient vehicles with reduced power consumption.

Refer to the separate sheet for the main specifications of the new IPD products.

Pricing and Availability

Samples of Renesas new IPDs are available now. Pricing varies depending on the specification and package. For example, µPD166023 with 12 mΩ on resistance, equipped in a HSSOP package with 12-pins is priced at US$1.22 per unit in sample quantities of 2,500. Mass production is scheduled to begin in March 2013 and is expected to reach a volume of 7,000,000 units per month in September 2014.
(Pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.)

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