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Thermopile CO₂ Detector Blog

The Thermopile CO₂ Detector Winning Combination is a reference design using Renesas’ RTD120D dual thermopile to detect the ambient CO₂ concentration.

By Baltazar Mercado, Sr. Manager, System and Solution Team - Sep 27, 2021
What is data acquisition (DAQ) and distributed processing/edge computing in the IoT era with RX23E-A?

When combining RX23E-A, a microcontroller with high precision AFE, with RX72M, a microcontroller with the enhanced function for industrial network, you can realize the data acquisition (DAQ) for the IoT era.

By Akihiro Ooshima, Engineer - Sep 24, 2021
The RA MCU family is made to help solve your design challenges

Stefan introduces two new entry-line RA MCU groups, RA4E1 and RA6E1, designed to address key design challenges including the optimal balance between performance and power consumption, as well as seamless migration options for future designs.

By Stefan Ingenhaag, Senior Staff Engineer - Sep 24, 2021
Dataline performance of two new actors in the networking arena

10BASE-T1S and CAN XL have entered the networking arena and try to convince with 10MBit/s transmission speed and some level of compatibility to other protocols of the same family. In this first blog talking about these new protocols we give a brief explanation of the enhancements made during the standardization. Then we will take a look to performance and efficiency of both protocols.

By Thorsten Hoffleit, Senior Manager - Sep 22, 2021
Blog image Functional Safety over EtherCAT

After the release of Renesas FSoE solution in late 2020, this solution been getting a lot of global attention. This blog focuses how Renesas’s FSoE solution simplifies development and shortens development time.

By Makiko Seki, Senior Specialist - Sep 17, 2021