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R-Car Market Place for supporting R-Car user timely mobility system development

Clarify R-Car Market Place full picture where to make R-Car latest content easy getting

By Yoshihiko Awazu, - Jul 27, 2021
Radar transceivers: a key component for ADAS & Autonomous Driving - Blog 1: Why do we need radar?

This blog will present the basics of automotive radar and how they influence MMIC development.

By Marta Martínez Vázquez, Senior Staff Engineer - Jul 27, 2021
Triac-Based Motor Controller Blog

Renesas’ Triac-Based Motor Controller is a compact air conditioning system solution that offers optimized triac control for a simplified compressor motor control system design.

By Alex Henson, System Design Engineer - Jul 23, 2021
RH850C1M-Ax blog main image

The model-based development software for Renesas in-vehicle microcontroller RH850/C1M-Ax, which specializes in HEV/EV motor control is currently available for purchase. The free version is also being distributed on the WEB. Do not miss your chance to use this product.

By Yurie Hanaoka, - - Jul 21, 2021
Renesas’ new R-Car Gen3e family upgrades the popular R-Car Gen3 for automotive infotainment, cockpit, and digital cluster

Especially for entry to mid IVI and digital cluster systems, developers are looking for cost-efficient solutions that allow them to minimize their bill of material and development efforts. The new R-Car Gen3e series addresses these needs, offering a seamless upgrade path from the popular R-Car Gen3 with higher system performance and enhanced integration, fast boot, and FuSa capabilities.

By Peter Bechberger, Automotive Solution Business Unit Automotive Digital Products Marketing Division SoC Marketing Department - Jul 20, 2021