Renesas Electronics Group Environmental Measures

Recently, the environmental activities of companies vary from pollution prevention and reductions in greenhouse gases and waste material to compliance with the regulations of chemical substances and hazardous substances contained in products. The Renesas Electronics Group is working to reduce the environmental load from production activities as guided by the common objective of the industry association. We develop and supply environmentally friendly products that help to increase the environmental performance of our customers’ products. The annual policies and objectives of these environmental activities are discussed by the Environmental Promotion Committee, which is chaired by the director in charge of environmental operations, and will be announced to the whole group.

Environmental Policy

We will contribute to the harmonization of society and the environment in the course of our business activities.

Action Guidelines

  1. We will incorporate environmental considerations into all stages of the product life cycle, including research & development, design, procurement, production, sales, logistics, use and disposal.
  2. We will strive to prevent pollution as well as to minimize the environmental loads. When environmental problems arise, we will take appropriate steps to minimize the environmental loads and disclose accurate information.
  3. Our environmental management efforts will involve compliance with all environmental laws, regulations and agreements, and we will promote compliance activities.
  4. We will disclose environmental information to stakeholders and encourage communication with society for the purpose of promoting mutual understanding.
  5. We will educate all employees in environmental conservation to create a company culture that promotes harmony between the environment and business activities.

Three Environmental Cornerstones of Renesas Electronics

Some of the key issues for our environmental measures are 1) legal compliance, 2) reduction of our environmental loads, 3) the development of ecofriendly products and 4) maintaining good relations with stakeholders.

We are tackling these issues through environmental management, in which all employees participate. Such management is based on an Eco-Management system, built on the cornerstones of our Eco-Factories, Eco-Products and Eco-Communication Initiatives.

  • Eco-Factories Initiative:

    Aimed at reducing the environmental loads of manufacturing sites through the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) and the appropriate management of chemical substances in manufacturing processes

  • Eco-Products Initiative:

    Aimed at supplying eco-friendly semiconductors produced with environmental considerations in mind throughout their life cycles, including the control of chemical substances contained in products and the development of products with excellent energy-saving performance

  • Eco-Communication Initiative:

    Aimed at strengthening employee awareness through environmental education and disseminating the Group’s environmental information to society

image, Three Environmental Cornerstones

Achievements of FY 2018 and targets for FY 2019

Item Targets for FY 2018 Results of FY 2018 Internal Evaluation Targets for FY 2019
Eco-Management Renew the certification of ISO 14001:2015 and management system reinforcement Updated ISO14001: 2015 certification Amended EMS Guidelines Well done Environmental management system reinforcement and maintain ISO 14001 certification
  Eco-Factories Initiative Reduce 6% or more from benchmark year (Energy consumption per sales) Reduced 36% from benchmark year (Energy consumption per sales) [Commentary] Well done Reduce 7% or more from benchmark year (Energy consumption per sales)
Reduce the PFC*1 emissions from the results of 2015 (units per wafer area) Reduced the PFC emissions by 0.031 points from the 2015 emissions (units per wafer area) Well done Reduce PFC emissions from the results of 2015 (unit per wafer area)
Eco-Products Initiative Address the various domestic and foreign regulations appropriately Appropriately respond to regulatory revisions
Renewal on website (environmental compliance)
Well done Respond appropriately to various overseas regulations, domestic regulations, and customer requirements
Improvement of green device ratio in new mass production products
Eco-Communication Initiative Publish an electronic version of the Environmental Report Web version of PDF environmental report in July Well done HTML version environmental report issued
  • Provide education for the sales department
  • Provide environmental e-learning
Conducted FY 2018 environmental Well done
  • Enhance the materials for position-specific education
  • Implement environmental e-learning
Continue environmental and social contribution activities Conduct activities with local residents Well done Continue environmental and social contribution activities

*1 PFC : Perfluoro Compounds: (The semiconductor industry has specified CHF3, CF4, C2F6, C3F8, C4F8, SF6 and NF3 for emissions reduction.)

The Renesas Group addresses and promotes the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Among the 17 goals adopted by the UN Sustainable Development Summit 2015, the Group Environmental Report addresses numbers 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 12,13, 14, and 15 goals.

Please see the environmental report for details.

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