The P9243-GB-EVK Evaluation Board demonstrates the features of the P9243-GB 15W Wireless Power Transmitter (TX) with a fixed frequency. It is intended to evaluate the functionality and performance of the P9243-GB when combined with a Qi power receiver in a wireless charging system. The P9243-GB-EVK offers the flexibility to select parameters, such as Q-factor threshold, LED pattern, power loss FOD threshold, and external temperature sensing function. The printed circuit board (PCB) has four layers, and can be used with the user’s WPC-1.2.4 compliant receiver.

The high-efficiency, turnkey reference design is supported by comprehensive digital resources to significantly expedite the design-in effort and enable rapid prototyping.

The kit contents are P9243-GB evaluation board and Power Adaptor. WPD-USB-DONGLE is not included in the P9243-GB-EVK evaluation kit, and must be ordered separately.


  • Power transfer up to 15W at receiver side
  • Wide input voltage range: 5V to 19V 
  • WPC-1.2.4 compatible, MP-A11 coil configuration
  • Supports system parameters configuration using GUI
  • Integrated drivers for external power MOSFETs 
  • Embedded 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0 processor (trademark of ARM, Ltd.)
  • Simultaneous voltage and current demodulation scheme for WPC communication 
  • Supports accurate 127.7kHz frequency operation 
  • Feedback control for external input step-down regulator 
  • Dedicated remote temperature sensing 
  • User-programmable power transfer LED indicators 
  • User-programmable foreign objects detection (FOD)
  • WPC EPP-based Q-factor detection 
  • Active-LOW enable pin for electrical on/off
  • Over-current and over-temperature protection
  • Supports I2C interface
  • Four-layer PCB assembled with test points and coil fixture
  • -40°C to +85°C ambient operating temperature range


Title language Type Format File Size Date
User Guides & Manuals
star P9243-GB Evaluation Board User Guide Guide PDF 3.85 MB
P9243-GB-EVK v1.0 Allegro Schematic DSN File Schematic DSN 619 KB
P9243-GB-EVK v1.0 Bill-of-materials (BOM) Engineering XLSX 321 KB
P9243-GB-EVK v1.0 Gerber Files Engineering ZIP 712 KB
P9243-GB-EVK v1.0 PDF Schematic Schematic PDF 1.15 MB


Title language Type Format File Size Date
P9243-GB Wireless Power Pro GUI Software & Tools - Other ZIP 31.17 MB
P9243-GB MPA11 Configuration Flash HEX File Software & Tools - Other HEX 54 KB
USB Drivers for Wireless Power USB Dongle Software & Tools - Other ZIP 1.99 MB
P9243-GB-EVK v1.0 Board File PCB Design Files BRD 1.88 MB
P9243-GB-EVK v1.0 Layout PDF File PCB Design Files PDF 580 KB