Renesas offers a comprehensive portfolio of linear and limiting optical modulator drivers, and transimpedance amplifiers for 100G, 200G and 400G optical networks. Renesas’s advanced integrated circuits use proprietary design topologies to provide the optical communication systems with high-precision signal integrity, low power consumption, and small form factor solutions. Renesas's driver solutions are optimized to interface with the latest lithium niobate and indium phosphide optical modulators, available in both GPPO module and surface mount (SMT) packages.

Optical Modulator Drivers for Long-haul and Metro Networking

Optical communication systems on the line side have been tailored to support the major transition to 100 Gbps data rates and beyond using coherent technology. Using a combination of indium phosphide, gallium arsenide, and silicon germanium technologies, Renesas addresses coherent systems and higher baud-rate applications with optical modulator drivers that consistently deliver excellent output and stability performance, while also minimizing mission critical parameters, such as power consumption and solution size for CFPx small form factors.