The RG8G7147A is a low-power, high-performance, 128Gbaud quad-channel linear driver chip designed for 800Gbps and beyond optical integrated transmitter small form factor (SFF) modules for metro and long-haul applications.

The RG8G7147A integrates analog control and digital (through an SPI interface) control circuitry for precise, independent driving level control and monitoring. Each driver channel has a 100Ω differential AC-coupled input and 60Ω differential interface with an open-collector type output stage, suitable for InP-based and silicon photonics-based Mach-Zehnder modulators.


  • 90GHz 3dB bandwidth with 72GHz peaking frequency
  • 11dB (typical) of peaking to compensate for package and modulator losses
  • >10dB dynamic range of gain control
  • 3.0W (typical) power consumption for 2.5Vppd output voltage swing
  • AC-coupled 100Ω differential input
  • Open-collector configuration output stage that can drive DC-coupled 60Ω differential
  • Ultra-low inter-channel crosstalk
  • Precise analog and digital monitoring and control of gain and output voltage swing
  • <1MHz low-frequency cutoff
  • Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF)-compliant serial peripheral interface (SPI) for programmability




  • 800G and beyond advanced multi-level QAM modulation systems
  • High-bandwidth small form factor optical integrated modules


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