The ISL98607IRTZR5622 is a high-efficiency power supply for small size displays, like smart phones, requiring ±supply rails. It integrates a boost regulator, LDO, and inverting charge pump that are used to generate two output rails: +5. 5V (default) and -5. 5V (default). The output voltages can be adjusted up to ±5. 7V with 50mV steps using the I2C interface. The device integrates synchronous rectification MOSFETs for the boost regulator and inverting charge pump, which maximizes conversion efficiency. ISL98607IRTZR5622 integrates all compensation and feedback components, which minimizes BOM count and reduces the solution PCB size to 21mm2. The input voltage range, high-efficiency operation, and also very low shutdown current make the device ideal for use in single cell Li-ion battery operated applications. The ISL98607IRTZR5622 is offered in a 20 Ld 3x4mm2 TQFN package, and the device is specified for operation across the -40°C to +85°C ambient temperature range.


  • Two outputs:
  • VP = +5.5V (default)
  • VN = -5.5V (default)
  • 2.8V to 4.8V input voltage range
  • >85% efficiency with 20mA load between VP and VN
  • 21mm2 solution PCB area
  • Fully integrated FETs for synchronous rectification
  • Integrated compensation and feedback circuits
  • I2C adjustable output voltages and settings
  • Integrated VP/VN discharge resistors
  • 1μA shutdown supply current
  • 20 Ld 3x4mm2 TQFN
  • Pb-free (RoHS compliant)


Title language Type Format File Size Date
PA17053 - Intersil Device Procurement Status Change - NCNR Removal Product Advisory PDF 203 KB
IPC 1752 - ISL98607IRTZR5622 Materials Composition Declaration PDF 98 KB