The RELOC Wi-Fi FSP driver adds ATWINC15x0 Wi Fi module support to the Renesas RA ecosystem in order to simplify the development of wirelessly connected products. The driver package includes a comprehensive IoT example application based on FreeRTOS and AWS IoT Cloud services.

Key Features

  • Integration of low power ATWINC15x0 Wi Fi module into Renesas Flexible Software Package (FSP), supporting both Wi Fi station and AP modes 
  • Rapid development of Renesas RA MCU Family IoT projects relying on comprehensive FreeRTOS connectivity bundle, including MQTTs 3.1.1, HTTPs, TLS1.2, firmware over-the-air (OTA) secure updates 
  • ATWINC1500 PMOD board available for simple connection to Renesas EK-RA6Mx kits 
  • Supported toolchains: e2 studio and Keil 
  • Example project with AWS IoT cloud services integration 
  • Full customization service offered

Block Diagram

RELOC WiFi FSP Driver Diagram

Target Markets and Applications

  • Smart Appliance
  • Smart Home and Buildings
  • Energy Metering
  • Industrial Control
  • IoT Cloud Gateway

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RELOC Wi-Fi FSP Driver
RELOC Wi-Fi FSP (Renesas Flexible Software Package) Driver for the Renesas RA Partner Ecosystem
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