Hybrid Electric Vehicles / Electric Vehicles

Renesas offers solutions and evaluation kits for next-generation hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and electric vehicles (EVs).

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Motor-Generator Control System

A motor-generator system mainly performs motor control to provide motive power and also controls regeneration by the motor acting as a generator. Advances aimed at lower fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions are being made constantly in motor and regeneration control, and they require MCUs with high performance and advanced functions.

Battery Control System

A battery control system is used for managing remaining battery voltage and control of battery charging. The voltages of the individual cells are monitored and the balance controlled by a battery cell monitor MCU and lithium-ion battery cell monitor ICs.

Battery Charger / DC/DC Control System

A charger and DC/DC step-up system controls the AC input from the household power supply and boosts the voltage to that required by the battery using a DC/DC circuit. The MCU performs both Power Factor Correction (PFC) control and control of the DC/DC step-up circuit.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger

Many EV charging stations providing the option to control charging from a smartphone app. This design approach utilizes an active PFC and asymmetrical full-bridge ZVS converter, along with an RL78/G14 MCU for EV charger applications.

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