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By Ashish Ahuja, Principal Product Manager and Product Marketing Manager - Dec 3, 2021
RA2E1 and FSP blog image

Considering the further growth of the information society which consumes more power for intelligence and IoT connectivity on IoT endpoint devices, it is essential to reduce the power consumption of individual endpoint that consist of the information systems. This blog briefs how to quickly develop a low power data logger application on the RA family entry line MCU RA2E1 using its ‘Snooze mode’ for significant power savings, Flexible Software Package (FSP) and FPB (Fast Prototyping Board)-RA2E1 kit.

By Koki Kawashima, Engineer - Dec 1, 2021
Power Line Communication Technology (PLC) Achieves Long Distance, High-Speed Communication

CPX4 (R9A06G061) provides faster, long distance communication, and solves the challenges in implementing Power Line Communication Technology (PLC) solutions. Read our blog for more information.

By Kiyoshi Murano, Principal Specialist - Nov 30, 2021