Evaluate immediately by combining energy harvesting and the user's system


Evaluation Kit RE01 1500KB allows for evaluation and development by combining energy harvesting with the user's hardware system, which makes semi-permanent battery maintenance for the RE01 1500KB unnecessary.


  • All peripheral functions of RE01 1500KB including energy harvesting can be evaluated with the power generation elements, the secondary battery connection interface, and the sample code provided by Renesas.*1
  • Arduino Uno Header and PMOD interface supported: enable evaluation of energy harvesting system combined with the user’s hardware system.
  • On-board debug function supported: enable program debugging by simply connecting the included USB cable to a host PC.

*1. The sample code is available on our website.

Kit Contents

  1. Main board
  2. PMOD-compatible low-power LCD (Memory-In-Pixel LCD) expansion board (equipped with KYOCERA: TN0181ANVNANN-AN00)
  3. Solar panel (Panasonic: AM-1815CA)
  4. USB cable (type-A male to micro-B male)

Design Support

Quick Start Download
Quick Start Guide R20UT4562
Sample code for LCD operation demo (R_GDT Driver Sample Code) R01AN4755
Sample code for evaluating energy harvesting system demo R01AN5268
Power management for energy harvesting system R01AN4837
Sample code for current measurement R01AN4710
Hardware Technical Information Download
User's Manual R20UT4379
Schematics Main Board R20UT4563
MIP-LCD Expansion Board R20UT4564
Design Files EKRE01-1500KB Design Data
Development Tools/Software Download
RE Family Development Tools/Software RE Family Development Environment

Ordering Information

Product Name Part Number (Ordering Number) Status
EK-RE01 1500KB RTK70E015DS00000BE Mass Production

*This kit is currently not available from online distributors. Please contact a Renesas sales office or sales representative.

Target Devices

Family Group
RE Family RE01 1500KB

EK-RE01 1500KB

EK-RE01 1500KB

EK-RE01 1500KB main board

EK-RE01 1500KB main board

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RTK70E015DS00000BE Mass Production Renesas call 1 Evaluation Kit RE01 1500KB 40 Digi-Key -
20 Mouser

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