The RZ/V2L Evaluation Board Kit consists of a module board (SOM) and a carrier board that can easily start evaluation of the RZ/V2L. It also includes the MIPI Camera Module (MIPI CSI). The carrier board can be commonly used with RZ/G2L, RZ/G2LC, RZ/G2UL, and RZ/V2L modules (SOM) prepared according to the SMARC v2.1 standard. This allows you to experience seamless and flexible evaluation between these devices.


  • Device: RZ/V2L
    • Cortex-A55 Dual, Cortex-M33
    • BGA551pin, 15mmSq body, 0.5mm pitch
  • Module Board Function
    • DDR4 SDRAM: 2GB × 1pc
    • QSPI flash memory: 512Mb × 1pc
    • eMMC memory: 64GB × 1pc
    • The microSD card slot is implemented and used as an eSD for boot.
    • 5-output clock oscillator “5P35023” implemented
    • PMIC power supply “RAA215300” implemented
  • Carrier Board Function
    • The FFC/FPC connector is mounted as standard for connection to high-speed serial interface for camera module.
    • The Micro-HDMI connector via DSI/HDMI conversion module is mounted as standard for connection to high-speed serial interface for digital video module.
    • The Micro-AB receptacle (ch0: USB2.0 OTG) and A receptacle (ch1: USB2.0 Host) are respectively mounted as standard for connection to USB interface.
    • The RJ45 connector is mounted as standard for software development and evaluation using Ethernet.
    • The audio codec is mounted as standard for advance development of audio system. The audio jack is implemented for connection to audio interface.
    • The CAN connector is implemented for connection to CAN-Bus interface.
    • The Micro-AB receptacles are implemented for connection to asynchronous serial port interface.
    • The microSD card slot and two sockets for PMOD are implemented as an interface for RZ/V2L peripheral functions.
    • For power supply, a mounted USB Type-C receptacle supports the USB PD standard.
  • MIPI Camera Module
    • MIPI Camera Module (MIPI CSI) is included. Image recognition processing can be used with images input with MIPI camera.



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Software & Tools

Quick-Connect IoT PlatformQuick-Connect IoT platform enables fast prototyping by providing compatible hardware and software building blocks. Other Hardware Renesas
RZ/V2L AI Apps & AI SDK (GitHub)AI SDK is a solution that allows you to develop AI applications easily and quickly using Renesas' RZ/V2L-EVK. It also provides a variety of AI applications free of charge. Solution Toolkit Renesas

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