Renesas' current sense amplifier portfolio features both analog output current sense amplifiers and digital output digital power monitors (DPMs).

Current sense amplifiers (also called current shunt amplifiers) are special-purpose operational amplifiers (op amps) that integrate external components and output a voltage proportional to the current flowing in a power rail. They utilize a "sense resistor" to convert the load current in the power rail to a small voltage, which is then amplified by the current sense amplifier. Renesas offers unidirectional high-side and low-side current sense amplifiers.

Digital power monitors are integrated solutions that provide high-side, low-side, and bidirectional current monitoring, as well as voltage monitoring, and use an on board analog-to-digital converter to provide digital feedback. Renesas' robust and highly accurate digital power monitor (DPM) family offers a high level of integration and a range of capability including high common mode voltage support, full featured bidirectional, high-side and low-side digital current sense, and voltage monitors with fast interrupts and serial interface.

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Product Description
ISL28006 Micropower, Rail to Rail Input Current Sense Amplifier with Voltage Output
ISL28022 Precision Digital Power Monitor

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