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Lighting Systems

Renesas lighting system achieves convenience and energy efficiency by lighting, connectivity and user interface technologies.


In recent years there is increased demand in building lighting for reduced installation and operating costs as well as energy efficiency, low maintenance, and attractiveness (the ability to adjust the brightness and color of the light) in order to attract tenants and users.
The keys to achieving these things are network support, task/ambient lighting, brightness and color adjustment, and digitization.
One building management network standard that is gaining worldwide adoption is the BACnet communication protocol. BACnet supports integrated management of building automation systems for air conditioning, lighting, crime prevention, disaster prevention, and more.
In addition, it makes it possible to reduce the energy consumption of the building overall. Renesas provides support for BACnet with solutions based on the Synergy Platform.
A variety of connected communication devices support the subsystems that run under BACnet. Among these communication standards, Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) is an open standard that supports lighting systems.

*Renesas provides semiconductor solutions.


Digital Power Supplies for Lighting Fixtures

Regardless of the many functions such as communication required by LED lighting applications, product development cycles are growing shorter due to efforts to respond to new customer needs and advances in LED chips. In particular, development of the power supply block, where several functions are concentrated, is a key point. One way to make development more efficient and require less time is to digitize the power supply.

Digital Power Supplies(details)

DALI Communication

DALI is an international communication standard for lighting specified in IEC 62386. Communication takes place between a master (control device) and slaves (control gear). The normal DALI standard supports a single control device, which can control up to 64 items of control gear.

DALI Communication(details)