See how the ZL8800 can immediately respond to OverVoltage and UnderVoltage events.


Let's take a look at how the overvoltage protection works on the ZL8800.

The ZL8800 uses a differential sense line. That way you can monitor right at the point of load or across the output capacitor for the power supply. With it, it's continuously monitoring always looking for an overvoltage or an undervoltage event and responding right away. Now what will occur is the device is completely configurable. So if you have an output voltage and you suddenly have an event like an overvoltage spike, the device will immediately shut off per the response volt. Now after that point of time, it's completely configurable on what you'd like it to do. For instance, the device can stay off permanently, or it can wait a fixed amount of time, that's adjustable, and then try to come back up through a soft start time and regulate the output voltage. If the volt persists, the device, of course, at some point in time will shut down as soon as it detects that and will try to retry pass all over again.

Now every one of those parameters is individually adjustable per the two different output channels. So the number of times you want it to try and retry that's your delay time. All of this can be individually set and all of this information is within the datasheet in the PMBus Command sections in the back. And the nice thing about this part is it can all be programmed into the device at startup or prior to mounting on the board.