See the outstanding load regulation performance of the pin-for-pin compatible synchronous buck regulators with a wide input voltage range. With three different output current options, these highly efficient sync buck regulators simplify power circuit design and enable reuse of circuit board design across a wide range of end applications.


Hi, I'm Paul Orfanu, an Application Engineer at Intersil. I would like to introduce you today, the ISL8541X family.

One of the common problems designers have in applications or systems require multiple input layers or in applications, requiring different input voltages is the need to qualify different ICs specialized for different voltage. This problem is solved by using ISL8541X, which covers a wide input voltage range, covering from consumers to industrial. From 3V to 36V input while having different output kinds individually: 500mA, 800mA, 1A respectively. All of them being pin-to-pin compatible. This is the first one size fits all solution for synchronous integrated regulators.

Let me show you how well the output stays in regulation. This is ISL85415DEMO1Z board. And this is the input voltage, and this is monitoring the output voltage, kelvin type. And this is the output load that we apply, electronic load. I'm gonna increase the voltage and you would monitor the output. I'm gonna increase the input from zero, slowly all the way to nominal 36. See, we already are in regulation.

Right now I'm gonna apply 500mA, and while at 36V, while monitoring the output, I'm gonna change the load slowly to zero. Run a load regulation test, and then back up to 500. And now with 500, I'm going to sweep the line back to zero voltage while monitoring the output voltage. As you can see, the output stays in very tight regulation for the entire input voltage range from 3V to 36V nominal.

In the next video, we are gonna show how easy it is to design an application using ISL85415.