The ISL78220 6-phase controller is targeted for applications where high efficiency (>95%) and high power are required.


I'm Zaki Moussaoui. We are at APEC 2012. I'm here to showcase our latest and greatest for the automotive market. We have our ISL78220, which is a multiphase boost that's going to handle the power charging for the battery. At the same time it has special features like input tracking, which can track the audio signal. So it's perfect for Class H amplifier. And, we also have four versions of this. Two versions at 220 that is a six-phase. And we have the 225 which is a four-phase solution. It's targeted for high efficiency, and also for light load efficiency improvements. Where we can improve by phase dropping, and at the same time we can do pulse skipping.

On here we have a ISL78200, which is really targeted for audio market. Where it has to deal with battery dump, and also battery load dump, and also cranking. So we have a pre-boost feature. So when the battery goes up to a certain level, then you're bucking down. But when the battery goes below a certain level we can boost our own input. So it's perfect for front and connecting to the battery directly.

The applications are really very different so far in the automotive markets, where everything runs from the 12V battery. So with an integrated MOSFET it becomes a very easy to use solution. A very efficient solution that can handle from 3.6V up to 40V. Also, we can showcase here, and you can see that by going to higher frequency, because it can run up to 2.2MB. You can reduce the size and you can see the difference when you start running pretty high frequency. So the size is reduced and the overall efficiency is still pretty good. It's around at 90%.

And please, if you want any more information on these products just go check our website to see a lot more of our offering in automotive.

Thank you.