A brief overview of IDT's semiconductor product offerings in the automotive infotainment space. Solutions include timing, sensing, R.F., power management, and advanced memory products.


The automobile is now an extension of mobile consumer devices and the complexity of infotainment systems is increasing dramatically as a result. 
IDT offers solutions in timing, sensing, R.F., power management, and advanced memory products and interconnects to enable the latest generations of infotainment offerings. 
If processors provide the brains of infotainment systems, timing solutions are the heartbeat and IDT is the world leader in timing semiconductors. 
Along with providing the heartbeat, IDT's high performance timing, including solutions such as IEEE1588, enable support for Time Sensitive Networks and Audio Video Bridging. 
IDT optical sensors can be used to evaluate ambient light and adjust the dashboard and infotainment brightness. 
IDT RF solutions offer unique innovations that improve reliability, reduce power, and ease designs in high performance wireless systems as well as within modern infotainment systems. 
Complex infotainment systems are resulting in complex power requirements. Multi-channel PMICs with distributed power units offer ideal power distribution solutions. 
Industry leading, energy efficient wireless power solutions offer the convenience and safety of charging without cords. 
Infotainment is not the only area that is seeing increased complexity. Vehicles themselves are also getting smarter and advances in wireless networks and cloud resources are enabling concepts that were once thought of as science fiction.  
The convergence of wireless networks and the cloud to better serve the network and extend to new applications such as advanced driver assistance systems brings about a desire to co-locate server resources with baseband units. IDT’s RapidIO and advanced memory interface technology are enabling this transition. 
Reducing driver workload, the connected vehicle will communicate with nearby vehicles and with the road, allowing "convoys" of cars to travel safely. Sensors and RF devices will play a big role in this new connected car world. 
5G networks will extend to even more new applications and IDT will be there to enable advances in both the network and within vehicles.