A brief overview of the product advantage IDT brings to automotive applications.

Following the acquisition of the German based semiconductor company ZMDI in 2015, IDT became well placed as a supplier to the automotive industry. ZMDI’s products in sensing and power management have been designed into automotive applications for decades and the synergy of sensing combined with the world class products of IDT now provide the industry with a multi-platform solution provider. In 2016 IDT formally renamed the ZMDI headquarters in Dresden Germany the Automotive Center of Excellence. This center houses a dedicated and world class engineering and automotive certified test facility specializing in leading edge automotive solutions.

IDT expanded its automotive capabilities in 2016 through the TS 16949 certification of a second test and production facility. The company’s longstanding production facility in Penang, Malaysia has passed the two-stage certification process for automotive back-end manufacturing under the requirements of TS 16949, the International Standard for Automotive Quality Management Systems. IDT now can offer a dual-source automotive capability that will help the company meet the requirements of its global high-volume customers, delivering security of supply through different locations.

The new Penang automotive back-end production floor joins the IDT Automotive Center of Excellence in Dresden, Germany, which has been successfully certified since 2004 as ZMDI, a company IDT acquired in December 2015. Both facilities offer wafer test class 100 and final test class 1.000 capabilities.

For more information on IDT's automotive solutions, visit http://www.idt.com/application/automotive.


The synergy of sensing combined with the world-class products of IDT now provide the automotive industry with a multi-platform solution provider.
 IDT is a fully certified automotive supplier with two TS-16949 certified facilities offering dual-source capability and an automotive center of excellence in Dresden, Germany. 
Along with products that are specific to certain areas of a vehicle, IDT provides high precision, reliable, and robust sensor signal conditioners that span automotive applications from bumper to bumper as well as a high-performance timing portfolio necessary for various interfaces and the support of time sensitive network and audio video bridging. 
Today’s automobiles are filled with sensors. For example, electronic control technology in powertrain applications requires information from the myriad of systems. 
One application is mass airflow intake, where sensing differential pressure using a single I.C. attached to two sensors lowers power consumption and improves accuracy. 
Chassis and safety systems also consist of a multitude of systems that interact with everything from steering to braking to tire pressure monitoring, all requiring sensors. 
Position Sensors are ubiquitous in electric power assisted steering systems. Sensors can also be found in fuel, oil and urea level, suspension height, wiper position, gear shift lever and other chassis and safety applications. 
Intelligent sensors can bring decision making to the sensing solution, allowing measurement of milliampere currents when an engine is off to more than 1000 amps when started. 
Multi-channel PMICs with distributed power units offer ideal power distribution solutions for modern vehicles. 
IDT has also developed sensors that enable the "Contextually Aware Cabin“to minimize driver distractions by determining appropriate climate control or infotainment settings. 
Optical sensors can evaluate ambient light to adjust dashboard and infotainment brightness, while air quality and humidity sensors can control climate control systems to maintain comfort. 
IDT’s intelligent Actuator and Motor Control IC with the industry’s smallest footprint is ideal for exterior mirror control applications with real estate restrictions.
The automobile is now an extension of mobile consumer devices and the complexity of infotainment systems is increasing as a result. 
IDT offers several solutions in to enable the latest generations of infotainment offerings, including timing, power management, RF, and advanced memory solutions. 
And industry leading wireless power solutions enable charging without cords, allowing mobile devices to stay on and connected. 
For more information on IDT's automotive solutions, visit idt.com/automotive.