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RX23T Motor Control Reference Platform | Part-name: YROTATE-IT-RX23T

Renesas motor control reference design based on the 32-bit MCU RX23T and designed to drive 3-phase Permanent Magnet Motors.

The kit is able to manage up to 48 V DC motors, and up to 5A peak. The kit is delivered with a USB cable and an intuitive PC GUI to manage the motor speed, display the vector control parameters and provide access to an exhaustive list of parameters: motor intrinsic parameters, PI coefficients, ...

By default, the sensorless Field Oriented Control algorithm is using three shunts for the current detection and runs at 16 KHz PWM. The PC GUI is featuring a performant Auto-tuning procedure and enable the self-calibration of PMSM motors.

Memory Footprint 20 KB Flash / 2 KB RAM
PWM Frequency 16 kHz
Control loop Frequency 40 µS
CPU time available 45%
Auto-tuning PI current Enable by default
Motor calibration Enable by default
Flux weakening algorithm Enable by default
Voltage bus monitoring Enable by default
Fail-safe mechanism Enable by default