The emWin embedded graphics library developed by SEGGER Microcontroller is offered by Renesas in library form for free commercial use with the SmartBond® DA1469x wireless microcontrollers. The software bundle includes the emWin Color basic package, the Window Manager/Widgets module including the GUIBuilder, the Memory Devices module for flicker-free animation, the Antialiasing module for smooth display of curves, lines and fonts, the Font Converter and the VNC Server.

emWin can be used in any application from battery-powered single-chip products with basic graphic needs, to high-end embedded systems demanding ultra-high performance, and sophisticated animations.

emWin is provided in library form to users of Dialog Semiconductor products exclusively. A user of a free emWin library supported by Renesas can get a emWin source code upgrade with a discount of up to 50% on the SEGGER website.


  • Create stunning graphics with a powerful and easy to use API
  • Experience the reliability of a proven graphics solution
  • Embedded graphical user interface solution
  • Use a wide variety of displays


  • Free professional graphical stack library available in binary form
  • Rich set of widgets (buttons, checkboxes, calendars, gauges)
  • Raw graphical renderer (pixels, shapes, fonts)
  • Alpha blending, antialiasing, cursors
  • Window and overlap manager
  • Windows-based simulation environment
  • Memory-sparing features (memory pool, refresh only changed portions)
  • Full set of Development tools: GUI builder to create screens, font converter, bitmap converter, simulator

Release Information

  • Wearables
  • Consumer electronics
  • Connected appliances
  • Human interface devices
  • Connected medical devices
  • Automotive

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