With the use of gang programming by the new FP6 Gang ProgrammerNote1 programming GUI, you can operate up to 12 PG-FP6s for the simultaneous programming of multiple target MCUs. Operations for programming and confirming the results are easy, and this increases the productivity of programming lines.


  1. Included with FP6 Terminal V1.03.00 and later versions.

Image of Gang Programming


Easy setup

  • Setting up is easy because the setting files and program files for multiple PG-FP6s can be downloaded as a set at the same time.

Bundled control of multiple PG-FP6s

  • Clicking on (A), the [Start] button of the GUI starts writing to multiple PG-FP6s at the same time.
  • (B), the [Total Count] group box shows the total numbers of successes and failures, providing an instant view of the situation.
  • The state of each PG-FP6 unit is shown under (C) [Status]. Clicking on this indicator for a given PG-FP6 causes its LCD to blink.Note1
    Each indicator displays “Pass” when commands have successfully been executed, or "Error" when commands have failed.
  • The results of execution by each of the PG-FP6s can be saved in a single log file which you can easily check to see if errors have occurred.


  1. This is only supported if the version of the PG-FP6 firmware is V1.03.00 or later.

Programming GUI "FP6 Gang Programmer"

Reduced times for high-volume programming

  • Controlling up to 12 PG-FP6sNote1for simultaneous programming from a single PC reduces times for high-volume programming.


  1. If you are working on projects for multiple MCUs, you can connect a different MCU per PG-FP6.

Learn More

See the following user's manual for the details.
FP6 Gang Programmer V1.03 User's Manual (PDF | English, 日本語)