For customers who are using a compiler for Renesas devices, we offer a support service for the qualification of confidence that development tools meet the requirements of ISO 26262, Road Vehicles Functional Safety. This service has a charge.

The ISO 26262 functional safety standard for electrical and electronic systems of passenger cars requires that confidence in software tools be qualified in advance before they are used in developing a product to which functional safety is relevant. Furthermore, the method of qualification is defined. The tool user (the customer) will usually evaluate the tool against various criteria. However, third party institutions can be called on to handle the actual qualification, since it is very difficult for the user to run the tests. The following procedure is required when requesting evaluation for qualification by a third party institution.

  • Procedure for requesting qualification of confidence under the customer's conditions of usage
  • Obtaining the equipment for which qualification is required
  • Confirming the report on the qualification (includes considering workarounds if problems are identified)

Our service handles the above procedure for the customer.

We provide a report on evaluation as confirmatory evidence in terms of support for the required item "confidence in the use of software tools" among the procedures for qualification defined in ISO 26262, Part 8.

Please contact your local Renesas Electronics marketing office or distributor for details of this service.

Target Devices

Additional Details


  • This service does not provide a guarantee of the quality of the compiler.
  • The guarantee of support by the compiler is based on the licensing contract which came with the compiler product.
  • This service supports qualification of confidence in a tool being in accordance with ISO 26262, but is not a guarantee of the acquisition of functional safety certification.
  • Please confirm the acquisition of full functional safety certification with a certification authority.