Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) connected smart asset tracking labels offer several advantages compared to traditional, passive RF interface (e.g., NFC, UHF) solutions. These labels actively measure, log, and report parameters such as temperature and humidity, acceleration, and light exposure actively. Further, they can be accessed in high-volume scenarios such as for inventory and/or status and event control involving several thousand labels using ubiquitous devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops. In addition, the US207-TRACKLBLEVZ features a flexible battery to minimize the logistical effort of using a battery-equipped solution.


  • Flexible architecture to support various sensor needs: Temperature and Humidity, Acceleration, and Light
  • Active beacon function for inventory control
  • Several weeks of operating time using a 20mAh flexible battery
  • Ultra-low leakage 8MBit Flash memory AT25XE081D
  • Software Update Over The Air (SUOTA)


Design & Development

Lab on the Cloud

Lab on the Cloud

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The smart asset tracking label is optimized with ultra-low power devices and several standby options for minimal current draw.