DALI 2.0 Lighting Control

DALI 2.0 Lighting Control



Enables network-based lighting control for building automation applications that conform to the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface-2 (DALI-2) standard.


Improving on the ability to control brightness, glare, color rendering, and presence detection, DALI-2 adds multi-vendor interoperability to the DALI standard IEC 62386. It also introduces standardization of control devices, such as application controllers and input devices, while maintaining backwards compatibility with DALI.


The DALI-2 framework consists of a HAL Driver for the S128 MCU interface, a Framework Driver encapsulating additional timing functionality, and an optional Library Framework that supplies higher-level DALI functions. It uses the DALI interface of the S128 MCU and the ThreadX® RTOS (optional), and provides libraries to be integrated in user applications.



Version 0.9

Current Public Release

Release Date: 2017-10-27

MCUs Supported: S128

MD5: 695f70c59216f21f4b8458734a0a1274


What's New?

First Release

Installation Instructions

Download the required version of e²studio and the Synergy Software Package (SSP) from the Synergy Gallery and install them on your PC. Also, download the CMSIS Pack Files for the DKS128 Board and the DALI Framework as well as the two DALI Demo Synergy Projects from the Synergy Gallery.