The ISL73007SEHEVAL1Z evaluation board features the ISL73007SEH buck regulator. This IC is a small footprint radiation hardened POL designed for critical low power applications.

The ISL73007SEH is operational over 3V to 18V integrating both high-side and low-side power FETs and switches at a default 500kHz frequency. The switching frequency can also be programmed from 300kHz up to 1MHz using an external resistor. The ISL73007SEH uses constant-frequency peak current mode control architecture for fast loop transient response. The ISL73007SEH can use either its internal compensation at the 500kHz default switching frequency or an external Type II compensation at other frequencies to stabilize the loop as determined by specific design and performance requirements. When integrating both P-channel and N-channel power devices and with the option of internal compensation, a minimum of external components are required, thereby reducing the BOM count and complexity of the design.

The ISL73007SEHEVAL1Z demonstration board and this accompanying manual provide a quick and easy method to evaluate the ISL73007SEH part in both an internal or an external 500kHz configuration. See the ISL73007SEH datasheet for information about the operation, function, and performance of the device.


  • Optimized for 3.3V output conversion, externally set 1MHz switching frequency, external slope, and compensation configuration
  • 3A output current



  • Low power auxiliary rails for FPGAs, DSPs, CPUs and ASICs


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