The ISL73141TSREFEVKIT1Z evaluation kit and iRADNavigator software GUI are used to demonstrate the ISL73141SEH radiation hardened 14-bit 1000ksps SAR ADC in a temperature monitoring application.

The ISL73141TSREFEV1Z temperature sensor reference design board evaluates the operation of the ISL73141SEH paired with two ISL71590SEH integrated-circuit temperature sensing transducers and the ISL71091SEH40 precision voltage reference. The Vorago VA41620 MCU evaluation board must be mated to the ISL73141TSREFEV1Z evaluation board to acquire data and control the heater voltage and temperature sensor configuration.

The ISL73141TSREFEV1Z board supports three types of temperature sensing applications: 1) single temperature sensor, 2) lowest temperature in an array, and 3) average temperature in an array. The configuration of the temperature sensors is controlled via the iRADNavigator software.

This board demonstrates an example signal chain used to acquire the temperature in an application while highlighting the accuracy of all three main system components: the temperature sensor, the instrumentation amplifier, and the SAR ADC.


  • Accurate temperature measurement
  • Multiple temperature sensor configurations
  • User-friendly software GUI



  • Precision signal processing in satellite payloads
  • Satellite telemetry systems
  • Satellite propulsion and orbit control
  • Attitude control of satellites
  • High-end industrial
  • Down-hole drilling


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