The HS-508BRH, HS-508BEH are dielectrically isolated, radiation hardened, CMOS analog multiplexers incorporating an important feature; they withstand analog input voltages much greater than the supplies. This is essential in any system where the analog inputs originate outside the equipment. They can withstand a continuous input up to 10V greater than either supply, which eliminates the possibility of damage when supplies are off, but input signals are present. Equally important, they can withstand brief input transient spikes of several hundred volts; which otherwise would require complex external protection networks. Necessarily, ON resistance is somewhat higher than similar unprotected devices, but very low leakage current combine to produce low errors. Reference Application Notes 520 and 521 for further information on the HS-508BRH, HS-508BEH multiplexers in general. The HS-508BRH, HS-508BEH have been specifically designed to meet exposure to radiation environments. Operation from -55°C to +125°C is guaranteed. Specifications for Rad Hard QML devices are controlled by the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime (DLA). The SMD numbers listed here must be used when ordering. Detailed Electrical Specifications for these devices are contained in SMD 5962-96742.


  • Electrically Screened to SMD # 5962-96742
  • QML Qualified per MIL-PRF-38535 Requirements
  • Radiation Environment
  • Gamma Dose (γ): 3 x 105 Rad (Si)
  • Dielectrically Isolated Device Islands
  • SEP >100 Mev-mg/cm2
  • Analog/Digital Overvoltage Protection
  • ESD Rated to 3kV
  • Fail Safe with Power Loss (No Latchup)
  • Break-Before-Make Switching
  • (Typ) DTL/TTL and CMOS Compatible Threshold
  • Analog Signal Range: ±15V
  • Fast Access Time
  • Supply Current at 1MHz Address Toggle: 4mA (Typ)
  • Standby Power: 7.5mW (Typ)
  • Pb-Free (RoHS Compliant)




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