The ISL7119RH, ISL7119EH are radiation hardened, high speed, dual voltage comparators fabricated on a single monolithic chip. They are designed to operate over a wide dual supply voltage range as well as a single 5V logic supply and ground. The open collector output stage facilitates interfacing with a variety of logic devices and has the ability to drive relays and lamps at output currents up to 25mA. The ISL7119RH, ISL7119EH are fabricated on our dielectrically isolated Radiation Hardened Silicon Gate (RSG) process, which provides immunity to Single Event Latch-Up (SEL) and highly reliable performance in the natural space environment.


  • Electrically screened to DLA SMD 5962-07215
  • QML qualified per MIL-PRF-38535 requirements
  • Radiation environment
  • Total dose: 3 x 105 rad(Si)
  • SEL/SEB: Immune
  • Input offset voltage (VIO): 8mV (max)
  • Input bias current (IBIAS): 1000nA (max)
  • Input offset current (IIO): 150nA (max)
  • Saturation voltage at ISINK = 3.2mA (VSAT): 0.65V (max)
  • Saturation voltage at ISINK = 25mA (VSAT): 1.8V (max)
  • Response time (tPD): 160ns (max)




  • Window Detector
  • Level Shifter
  • Relay Driver
  • Lamp Driver


Design & Development