The Intersil HD-15530 is a high performance CMOS device intended to service the requirements of MlL-STD-1553 and similar Manchester II encoded, time division multiplexed serial data protocols. This LSI chip is divided into two sections, an Encoder and a Decoder. These sections operate completely independent of each other, except for the Master Reset functions. This circuit meets many of the requirements of MIL-STD- 1553. The Encoder produces the sync pulse and the parity bit as well as the encoding of the data bits. The Decoder recognizes the sync pulse and identifies it as well as decoding the data bits and checking parity. This integrated circuit is fully guaranteed to support the 1MHz data rate of MlL-STD-1553 over both temperature and voltage. It interfaces with CMOS, TTL or N channel support circuitry, and uses a standard 5V supply. The HD-15530 can also be used in many party line digital data communications applications, such as an environmental control system driven from a single twisted pair cable of fiber optic cable throughout the building.


  • Support of MlL-STD-1553
  • Data Rate 1.25 MBit/s
  • Sync Identification and Lock-In
  • Clock Recovery
  • Manchester II Encode, Decode
  • Separate Encode and Decode
  • Low Operating Power 50mW at 5V




Design & Development