The RRH46410-EVK simplifies the evaluation of the RRH46410 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) sensor. This sensor module contains an integrated MCU that houses the firmware to operate the sensor in multiple modes: Standard 2nd Gen, ultra-low power mode, PBAQ1, and relative measurement modes. Depending on the selected mode, the output can be displayed as a raw signal (resistance), a standardized IAQ rating, an absolute TVOC and estimated CO2 concentration, or a relative signal change. To initiate the sensor, simply connect the EVK to a Windows PC via USB and utilize the provided evaluation software.

The RRH46410-EVK consists of the following:

  • USB Cable
  • ESCom Board
  • RRH46410 and HS4001 sensor daughterboards
  • Quick Start Guide

Evaluation kit software (GUI) can be downloaded from the Software Downloads section on this page.

1. PBAQ is a term coined by Renesas and indicates a public building air quality standard, such as WELL or RESET.



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Manual - Hardware Log in to Download PDF 2.09 MB
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Software Downloads

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Software & Tools - Evaluation Software Log in to Download EXE 119.67 MB
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