The Renesas EU045 air quality sensor solution kit provides real-time data about the current environmental conditions to demonstrate the use of Renesas’ ZMOD gas sensors and relative humidity/temperature sensor in an easy-to-use application. Its Bluetooth® 5.0 communication allows nice and easy visualization of data on a contemporary GUI running on a smartphone or tablet, and it comes with a Li-ion battery, charger, and Qi standard wireless power transfer.


  • Three boards to choose from:
    • Indoor air quality
    • Outdoor air quality
    • Refrigeration air quality
  • Bluetooth® 5.0 Low Energy (LE), 2.4GHz, power level: +4dBm
  • 350mAh 3.7V rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Qi standard wireless charging of integrated Li-ion battery
  • IP64 rated



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Quick Start Guide PDF 418 KB
Manual - Hardware PDF 2.37 MB
Manual - Software PDF 2.02 MB
Certificate PDF 203 KB
Certificate PDF 203 KB
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Lab on the Cloud

Lab on the Cloud

Use our PC-based GUI to instantly start configuring and testing designs in our virtual lab, no physical board needed.

This is a multi-sensor solution demonstrating indoor air quality (ZMOD4410), outdoor air quality (ZMOD4510) or refrigerator air quality (ZMOD4450).

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