The US082-ZMOD4450EVZ board enables quick prototyping of the ZMOD4450 gas sensor module for refrigeration air quality (RAQ) in a custom system design. The board provides a standard Pmod™ Type 6A (Extended I2C) connection for the on-board sensor to plug into any desired MCU evaluation kit with a matching connector.

The US082-ZMOD4450EVZ features Pmod connectors on both sides of the board to allow additional Type 6/6A boards to be connected in a daisy-chained solution with multiple sensors on the same MCU Pmod connector. Because of the standard connector and software support, the US082-ZMOD4450EVZ is the best choice to rapidly create an IoT system with the Renesas QuickConnect platform.


  • Gas sensor module for RAQ ZMOD4450 sensor sample mounted:
    • Measures gases associated with food ripening and storage: volatile organic compounds (including ethylene), amines, volatile sulfur compounds
    • Provides configurable methods of operation based on application and use case
  • Standardized Type 6A Pmod connector supports I2C Extended interface
  • Dual connectors allow pass-through signals for daisy-chained solutions



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Software & Tools

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Sensor Software Modules for Renesas MCU Platforms
Middleware (FIT module and FSP module) and sample software packages that enable control and data acquisition for Renesas sensor products.
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QuickConnect Platform
QuickConnect platform enables fast prototyping by providing compatible hardware and software building blocks.
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