The F1441 is a high-linearity variable gain RF amplifier with an integrated digital step attenuator (DSA) designed to operate within the 1350MHz to 2800MHz frequency range. Using a single 5V power supply, the F1441 typically provides 40dB of gain, 2.5dB of noise figure, 41dBm of OIP3, and 27dBm OP1dB at its maximum gain setting.

The F1441 is packaged in a 5 × 5 mm, 32-VFQFPN package, with an external input BOM configurable differential 50Ω or 100Ω input and single-ended 50Ω output impedances for ease of integration into the signal path.


  • Frequency range: 1350MHz to 2800MHz
  • 40dB typical gain at 2000MHz
  • 2.5dB typical NF at 2000MHz
  • 41dBm typical OIP3 at 2000MHz
  • 27dBm typical OP1dB at 2000MHz
  • Configurable 50Ω or 100Ω differential input impedance through external input BOM change
  • 31.5dB DSA range with 0.5dB step size
  • 5V power supply
  • 350mA typical quiescent current consumption
  • 1.8V and 3.3V SPI SDI logic compatible
  • 1.8V SPI SDO logic compatible
  • SPI control for DSA attenuation
  • Disable mode for power savings
  • Operating temperature (TEPAD) range: -40°C to +105°C
  • 5 × 5 mm 32-VFQFPN package




  • FDD or TDD 5G sub-6GHz wireless infrastructure
  • Repeaters and DAS
  • General-purpose RF


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