The F1280EVK is a fully populated evaluation board that allows the customer to evaluate the F1280 dual VVA+VGA with integrated RMS detectors. The F1280 VGA gain ranges and switchable VGA2 inputs are controlled with serial communication input using a USB digital interface board that connects to the PC.

The F1280EVK consists of the following:

  • F1280 Evaluation Board
  • USB Digital Interface Board
  • USB Cable (USB-A to USB-B micro)

The F1280 Evaluation Board consists of the following:

  • SMA connectors for RF IOs and power supply connection
  • Header pins for power supply and digital interface connection
  • Jumper configurable power supply connection
  • Clip-on test point access for voltage sense
  • RF Balun SMD modules for unbalanced to balanced and balanced to unbalance conversion of RF IOs



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